The Ideas Man

Ideas can keep me awake at night. I have a draw full of scrap paper with all sorts of them.

In Australia, being called 'an ideas man' can be a bit of a payout. A put down. A comment on that person's inability to see things through. I get it all the time. Probably because I tend to express ideas verbally, and at perhaps less than ideal times, to not quite the right people. Here's an idea! Blogging ideas is a better way to go.

I see ideas and action as 2 in the same. If I express my ideas here for example, isn't that action in itself? Who knows, maybe that will inspire further action elsewhere. Maybe someone will just miraculously give me a wad of cash or a job and say, "hey, great idea man! Go for it!"...

That'd be nice...

But in the meantime, I need a space to blurt out my ideas, good and bad, unique or not, free from demotivating put downs. I place where they can accumulate in the crispy versatility of the digital format, building up a log, renewing themselves as time goes by.

So stay tuned if you're into random ideas on just about anything. I'm prolific, broad-ranging, easily distracted, and very defensive. All the usual weaknesses of an ideas man.

BTW, I am back dating this blog with ideas from the past... the blog ws actually started in October 2005, but I keep shifting this post's date to before the oldest idea...

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