Down to Earth Tent

Youtube video of me talking through the concepts.

Way back in 2002 I had this idea for a light weight tent I call Down To Earth. That link goes to a Flash animation used to outline teh concepts.

I contacted New Zealand tent and outdoor gear manufacturers MacPac and got emailing with a designer there. The MacPac fella was encouraging enough for me to create the above Flash presentation of the idea, but after sending it, I never heard from him again. I can't say I've noticed an obvious link between new MacPac tent designs and my Down to Earth, so I guess he didn't like the idea.

I have tried numerous times to have the thing made here in Australia, but it seems that all the tent making people live in China these days. I have found one guy in the Blue Mountains who thinks he might be able to modify an old Quest tent of mine, but he's been sitting on that promise for quite some time now.

If anyone does go ahead and make something like this tent, I'd love to test it out for you. Down to Earth is the perfect tent for me. I'd love to have just one. There simply isn't a good tent on the market these days. There are of course thousands out there, but none of them get it right in my opinion...

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